Bottle Feeding Advantages and Disadvantages


Bottle-feeding can also be done with two types of milk- the breastmilk and the formula milk. The main objective of feeding the baby is to ensure that the baby’s health is not compromised whether you breastfeed or bottle-feed the baby.

What are Pros of Bottle Feeding?

Following are a few of the advantages of bottle feeding:

1. Anyone Can Feed

One of the benefits of bottle feeding is that anyone can feed the baby. Feeding is an important bonding moment, you are the only one that gets to experience the moment with the child if you are breastfeeding. While Bottle-feeding allows siblings, fathers, and other family members to share this experience with the new-born baby.


2. Public Use

Sometimes breastfeeding in public can embarrass a woman and make her feel insecure. In these situations, bottle-feeding would be the best thing to do. You can feed your baby without having to expose your breasts in any way or going to a private area for breastfeeding.


3. Very Convenient

Bottle feeding enables you to feed your baby anytime easily and effectively. You don’t have to experience the troubles of breastfeeding which are time-consuming and uncomfortable for the mother.

4. Know How Much They Are Having

It is not easy to know how much your baby is being fed when you are breastfeeding. Feeding using a bottle enables you to identify exactly how much your baby is being fed.

5. No Worry of Production

 Some mothers do not have any choice but to feed their children through bottles because their body is not creating enough amount of milk. The pressure and stress are relieved when it is known you will be able to feed your child with the perfect amount of milk.

6. Not Altering the Mother’s Diet

 A mother who feeds her baby with formula milk does not have to worry about her diet. She can eat and drink whatever she wants because the baby is not dependent on the mother.

7. Breast Milk Allergy/Lactose Intolerance

 It is very rare that the infants cannot process breast milk or any other type of animal milk. This situation is known as lactose intolerance. There are a few supplement formulas that are created with absolutely no milk content. These things use soy protein as an alternative.

8. No Worries If Mom Becomes ill

There are chances that the mother might fall ill after childbirth or any other medical conditions might arise. Breastfeeding the baby during these sicknesses is not healthy for the baby.

What are Cons of Bottle Feeding?

Following are a few of the disadvantages of bottle feeding:

1. Nutrition

Breast milk is considered to have the perfect balance of all the nutrients that your baby requires to grow healthy. Breast milk is also easier to digest than the formula milk. Bottle-feeding formula milk might also increase the risk of obesity during early childhood.

2. Preparation

You can breastfeed a baby on demand without any preparation. But if you bottle-feed your baby, you will have to prepare the milk prior to feeding. You need to wash and sterilize the bottle regularly. You will also have to express the milk into the bottle or prepare the formula milk. The bottled milk has to be stored at proper temperature. The milk has to be warmed before feeding the baby. Without proper sterilization, there can be many side effects of bottle feeding.


3. Cost

You will have to buy the bottle and nipples. You will have to invest in an effective breast pump if you plan on feeding your baby with breastmilk or you will have to buy formula milk regularly. Hence, bottle feeding is an added expense to your monthly budget.

4. Immune System

 Studies show that breast milk improves the immune system of your baby. Formula milk doesn’t contain the elements of breast milk which help in improving the immune system of the baby. Formula fed babies also carry the risk of developing certain illnesses like chest infection, ear infection, urine infection or diarrhoea.

5. Interferes with Bonding

Feeding is a major moment for bonding of both the mother and child. Breastfeeding is said to be ideal for this bonding because your baby will be most comfortable when latched on to your breasts. Breastfeeding also gives a special sense of nearness to the mother. It is hard to have this same feeling if you are bottle feeding your baby.

6. Inconvenient while travelling

You will have to carry clean bottles, formula, nipples, and all the other necessities with you while travelling. This can also be a small trip to the restaurant or a store. It can be problematic to keep up with all the things around when you are handling a baby.

Bottle feeding has its own pros and cons. You should carefully consider both the advantages and disadvantages of bottle feeding before deciding the mode of feeding your baby. The main aim is to ensure that your baby gets all the nutrients he needs to grow healthy.