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Wine Delivered to your Door-

I received this product at no cost to facilitate my review, however, I got to drink significantly less of it than would seem fair. All opinions remain my own.

There are many services that I never appreciated before I had children. Primarily, drive-throughs and deliveries.

You know what was amazing, in hindsight? This very simple process:

  • Decide I want to drink some wine.
  • Leave the house on foot or on my bicycle (we didn’t own a car before we had kids) within minutes of making this decision.
  • Purchase my wine at my leisure.
  • Return home to drink said wine, out of a breakable glass, over a meal I eat with two hands.

What this process now looks like:

  • Realize that the promise of a glass of wine may just get me to the end of the day.
  • Assess whether or not driving to the liquor store would lead to the preschooler falling asleep in the car, thus pushing back his bedtime and my wine enjoyment by about three hours.
  • Decide to risk the car ride and initiate “leave the house” protocol: change baby’s diaper, drag preschooler to the toilet, ensure diaper bag has emergency rations, put baby in the carrier, get preschooler to put on his shoes, walk to car, accidentally arrive at car before preschooler and be accused of “winning,” return to the house so preschooler can “win,” put baby in her seat, wait for preschooler to strap himself into his seat by himself, put keys into the engine, hear preschooler say “I’m peeing!”
  • Give up on wine quest when the need for wine has reached critical levels.

I’ve never enjoyed a glass of wine as much as I do now that I stay home full time with two kids, and it’s never been harder to get my hands on a bottle of wine now that I stay home full time with two kids.

What if I told you that you could get carefully chosen Canadian wines delivered to your door?

My Wine Canada allows you to shop online for premium Canadian wines, with frequent promotions such as free shipping, discounts or other incentives from participating wineries. (Sign up for their newsletter at the bottom of the page so you don’t have to hear it through the grapevine!)

All of the wines are listed with a detailed description and tasting notes, which, at least for me, means I can make a choice based on more than whether or not I think the bottle is pretty. (I wish I was joking, but that is actually what I do at the liquor store.)

An awesome option for Father’s Day or other special occasions (think weddings, birthdays and anniversaries), is a Wine Club subscription which brings two or three bottles of grape to your door every month! The cost of shipping is included with the subscription, making this an economical and practical way to treat yourselves to wine without listening to your kids whine at the liquor store. The wines in the Wine Club are carefully curated, taking the guesswork out of wine shopping and allowing you to discover the best of what Canada’s wine regions have to offer!

We received two bottles from JOIE Farms in Naramata, BC. The white was the 2013 Reisling, the red was the 2013 Gamay.

Bottles from Joie Farm

I cannot claim to know anything about wine except how to drink it. (And even then, I bet I’m lacking technique.) For me, a glass of wine is about the experience. Since we don’t have wine every day, it’s a special treat and often a way to mark a special occasion.

My husband’s birthday last Friday was a beautiful, sunny evening, and we enjoyed our JOIE Farms wine on our porch.

Wine on Papa Wolf's birthday

I drink very little wine since I’m still nursing, but boy do I enjoy a half glass on a Friday evening, knowing I have two days of tag team parenting ahead of me!

The Reisling was fruity and crisp and truly refreshing. My husband doesn’t typically enjoy a white wine, but he approved of this one! The Gamay disappeared fast: it was full-bodied and rich. Yum!

Limited-time Father’s Day Promotion for my Readers!

Save $5 off the Wine Enthusiast (two bottles of premium wine) subscription or $10 off the Wine Expert (three bottles of premium wine) subscription by entering the code “MAMANLOUPSDEN” in the “Special Note to the Winery” field during the checkout stage. You can also print out a special gift note to include with your Dad’s card so he knows what’s coming his way!

This means you can get two bottles of premium wine for $64 or three bottles for an exceptional $89. Remember that the price includes deliveries to your door, which—if you can empathize with my struggles to get out of the house with my two kids—may be priceless.

June’s package is coming from Tinhorn Creek, a spectacular winery in the Okanagan Valley of British Columbia.

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