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Squeaky clean bottles and sippy cups

Squeaky clean bottles and sippy cups

Save Time, Save Bottles


There’s nothing worse than finding a long-forgotten, used bottle at the bottom of your diaper bag (the gag reflex makes morning sickness seem easy). And with all those nooks and crannies, even a run through the dishwasher can’t quite get rid of the stink. Now you can give bottles and sippy cups a sparkling clean wherever you are, no bottle brush necessary…

FizzWizz, a mom-invented cleaning tablet, is made with 100% all-natural, plant-based ingredients and designed to target milk, juice, saliva, and germs. Just pop a FizzWizz into a sippy cup or bottle, fill it with an ounce of water, and shake until it dissolves. You’ll see it create an effervescent foam that works its magic in all the places your bottle brush can’t go. Then, pour out the water, rinse, and voila… you have a beautifully clean cup—no signs (or smells) of sour milk. You can wipe the outside of the bottle, the nipple, cap, and even pacifiers with FizzWizz Surface Wipes. It’s our new go-to combo for a quick, safe bottle washing.

Squeaky clean bottles and sippy cups

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