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Loft Aluminum Gate Safety At the Top of the Stairs

I received this item at no cost to facilitate my review. All opinions remain my own.

When Cub became mobile, we lived in 800 square feet. There were no stairs, there was not much furniture, and I could basically see him no matter where I went in the apartment. We eventually did put a pressure-mount gate up at our entranceway but only to keep him out of the cat food and litter box! Now that Little Miss Cub is on the move, we live in double the space with two flights of stairs. The stairs leading to the basement can be blocked off thanks to a door, but the top of our stairs that lead out of our upstairs bedrooms needs to be babyproofed!

Here's why we need a gate

Cub is no trouble on the stairs at 3.5 years old, but he has gotten up a couple of nights sleepwalking (which I also did as a child), so I’m happy having a gate up now for his sake and that of his newly-mobile baby sister. Munchkin Loft Gate Installed on Banister

At first, I didn’t think we could put a gate at the top of stairs, since we have a railing. But then I realized that at the top of most stairs, there are railings or banisters, so there has to be a way. And there totally is: a piece of wood and zip ties are all we needed!

We chose the Loft Aluminum Baby Gate from Munchkin because of its sleek design and its easy-to-adjust features to fit just about anywhere in your home. The Indexed Sizing System (ISS) allows for quick and easy width adjustments with pre-set index positions and the Integrated Tuning System (ITS) adjusts for a perfect vertical fit even when walls aren’t level. Since this is a gate that uses a hardware install (and not a pressure mount), it’s perfect for the top of the stairs.

Papa Wolf bought a piece of wood the same dimensions as our banister:Measuring a piece of wood to attach to our banister

Then, he drilled holes in it, and inserted zip ties through those holes. (Cub helped with this part.) Cub helps with the gate install

Then he secured the wood to our banister, creating the perfect spot to drill in the gate hardware. Papa Wolf wants to recommend that you choose zip ties that are longer than what you think you need. His were a touch too short, so he had to use two for each hole. Wood attached to banister with zip tiesThe Loft Gate can be removed from its mount if you don’t need the gate up all the time. Just slide it out of the track and store it away til you need it again:Loft Munchkin gate mounted to woodTo open the gate, you only need one hand, but the latch requires two fingers, so it’s tricky for toddlers.Two fingers to open the Munchkin Loft GateThe gate swings open in both directions, and makes an audible click so you know it’s locked shut when you close it.Munchkin Gate at the top of our stairsIf we were particularly concerned about aesthetics, we could paint the piece of wood black, and choose black zip ties, which would better camouflage the banister install. You can’t see the gate unless you’re halfway up our staircase, so it really doesn’t bother me as it is.mamanloupsden_img_3866.jpg

Now when I put Little Miss down in the nursery, I’m not worrying about her making a quick escape and tumbling down the stairs while I’m in the bathroom. And if Cub makes sleepwalking a regular habit, at least I can contain his somnambulism to one floor!

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