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Guzzie & Guss Tiblit High Chair Review
I received the Tiblit high chair at no cost to facilitate my review. All opinions remain my own.

A couple of weeks ago, I told you all about Guzzie & Guss’s hanging high chair, the Perch. Now it’s time for you to meet the Tiblit!

When I first pulled the Tiblit out of the box, I had Cub by my side, ready to bust out the instructions and a couple of tools. Much to his disappointment, and my pleasure, no assembly required.The Tiblit folds flat

You just… unfold the high chair. That’s it. And if you do need to bring it somewhere, fold it back down and put it in the included tote bag!

The Guzzie & Guss Tiblit High Chair

But you won’t really want to put the Tiblit away. It’s a super funky-looking high chair and it comes in some awesome colours!

The seat can accommodate up to 45 lbs… so the first person to try it out was Cub. (Who never sat in a high chair when I needed him to sit in a high chair.) 
Even preschoolers fit in the Tiblit

He was comfortable in the chair, especially thanks to the foot rest. It’s padded and stain-resistant, something that I am appreciating more and more now that Little Miss Cub is using the Tiblit!

Loving Big Brother in our Tiblit

As I mentioned in my Perch review, feeding time is about the only time Cub takes any interest in his sister. The Tiblit brings her up to his level, and she couldn’t be happier!

Babyled Weaning in our Tiblit

She’s a bit puzzled by the whole baby-led weaning thing, and 99% of her food ends up in the seat. Luckily, the entire fabric portion can be removed and handwashed if giving it a wipe isn’t sufficient! The tray slides off easily, making it easy to wash at the sink. I like to sit Little Miss in her high chair as a method of containment at various points in the day. So far, she’s down with it as long as I provide toys.

Playtime in the Tiblit

Sometimes I sit her in the Tiblit while I’m getting the kitchen cleaned up. I think she enjoys being able to see what’s going on. The seat is very light, meaning I can easily move it around the kitchen and dining area.

A great view of the kitchen in our Tiblet

There’s just one thing I would change about the Tiblit. The part of the chair that goes between the child’s legs doesn’t detach from the seat. (It’s like using a baby swing at the park.) When I went to get big boy Cub out of the seat, I found it exceptionally difficult. Granted, it was our first time using the seat, and he is way bigger than most children would be in a seat like this, but I also think it would be easier to extract Little Miss Cub from the seat if this front panel clipped or attached using velcro. Since the chair already features a full harness, I don’t think there would be a safety issue if this portion of the seat could be detached to make getting out of the seat easier.

Overall, I love the look of this chair and I love that it folds flat, is lightweight and is easy to clean. 

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