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Handmade Wooden Toys from the Czech Republic

The Czech Republic is a country with a great toy-making tradition.  There are many beautiful wooden playthings — puppets, press up toys, wooden pull along toys and more— to entertain both children and

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Brumm, All the Cars You Can Imagine

I love creative, open-ended toys as they foster play, inspire creativity, and spark imagination. These are toys that have the potential to be different every time children play with them.

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uuio – children’s furniture and toys

The uuio evolved a whole furniture concept for children, and enrich the living spaces of children through design which meet both for adults and children’s needs – for families. UUIO

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Build your Robot! Apollo by Marc Sardà for Londji

Games that boost children’s imagination, also, there are games that are really fun to play. Today we are talking about one that has all these things together. With a carefully

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The Cutest (and Coolest) Bear Softies for Kids

Teddy bears have always been the very first kind of soft toy there ever was – who knows? And I don’t think they’re going anywhere. After all  teddy bear is

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Treeclub Kids: Heirloom Quality, Made-in-Canada Wooden Toys

There’s a wooden rattle at my Mom’s house which is 32 years old: my Nana brought it back for me from England. When it’s 60 years old, my grand-kids will

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