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Tomogram, a Designer Toy to Spark your Child’s Creativity

luckbaby February 23, 2017

When I was a little child, I like to play with puzzles, buildings, blocks, stickers, dolls which can create my own objects, towns or universes. They are moments where kids can use creativity and imagination without limits and find surprising solutions. Design studio Tomogram has designed a playful collection of toys made of various materials,… Continue Reading »


Outer Space Inspired Children’s Decor

luckbaby February 21, 2017

When you were a child, you may dream to be an astronaut. Outer space is one of the biggest mysteries with its galaxies, stars and vastness, waiting for adventures to happen. Here we get a fantastic décor idea for the walls to turn into a zone where your kids can dream of spaceships, planets and astronauts —… Continue Reading »


5 Valentine’s Crafts for Kids

luckbaby January 21, 2017

You can have a craft session with the kids in Valentine’s Day.  Arts and crafts with toddlers and kids are always fun activities, especially when there’s some kind of theme present. Here are some Valentine’s day craft ideas for you. They are are fun, creative ways for your child to spend a cold January or February… Continue Reading »


Baba Souk Kids Decor Ideas – Where to Start

luckbaby January 9, 2017

For those parents who want to find the place place for their kids, Baba Souk is the perfect one. This amazing brand collects the cutest and most original products to offer their clients little treasures that make them feel unique. Art, décor, clothing, kids …you can find almost everything you need to wrap your little one’s… Continue Reading »

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