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weelove skiphop 3 in 1


 The Skip Hop Explore & More Baby’s View 3-Stage Activity Center fits the bill and most importantly, keeps tots safe, happy, and entertained. Starting at four months, your little one can sit, swivel, and play while you get stuff done (or just sit down yourself!). The foot support platform is height adjustable so your tot will always be in their perfect bounce position.  It comes with clip-on sensory toys that can be switched around and removed to play with elsewhere. Plus, the seat has toy loops so their other favorites can join the party. There’s also a cute bowl for snacks and a dual-position keyboard that babies can play with their hands and feet (yes, you can tell everyone you have a child prodigy).

Once kiddos are more mobile, they can cruise around the table and play in a standing position from the outside. And during the toddler years, the foot platform moves to become a table top, transforming the activity center into a great play table.Let’s be honest, don’t you kind of want a command center where you can hang out, bounce, eat snacks, and get a complete view of your surroundings without going anywhere?


weelove skiphop 3 in 1


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