Bottle Feeding Advantages and Disadvantages

Bottle-feeding can also be done with two types of milk- the breastmilk and the formula milk. The main objective of feeding the baby is to ensure that the baby’s health is not compromised whether you breastfeed or bottle-feed the baby. What are Pros of Bottle Feeding? Following are a few of the advantages of bottle feeding: […]

Dream Feeding a Baby

Your little bundle of joy can give you a tough time sometimes by making you sleep deprived. Though it is a very common problem that most newbie-parents face, there are various elusive ways of trying to settle your baby at night that you may have come across. You may have heard about various ways and […]

6 Helpful Tips to Store Formula Milk

Medical conditions, environmental circumstances, convenience and choice all play an important role in deciding whether or not you should feed formula milk to your baby. When you decide to give formula milk to your baby, you will have to be careful to avoid contamination and decay. This raises the question of how you should store […]

Baby Gagging – Is it Normal?

Meet your baby’s next milestone – gagging! This might be the cause of anxiety in many parents. If you are unsure whether your little one is choking or if gagging is dangerous, then fret not. This is just another wonderful little step your baby is taking in its growth and development. Expect to see this […]

1 Year Old Baby Food Ideas

The average age for teething in children is between six to twelve months. With teeth, comes the ability to crunch and chomp down new, solid foods. But what exactly can you feed your baby? Foods for your Twelve Month Old Baby There is no need to stress about preparing special food for your 1 year […]